One stop solution for business start-ups

The decision to start up a new business poses several challenges for an organisation. Besides strategic reasons, the legal aspects deserves close attention too. For one, important considerations are to be made towards ensuring compliance with regulatory reporting and other requirements within the local legislation.

This integrated start-up service solution is designed to help organisations develop a multi-shore, multi-delivery and multi-solution business start-up process. Your business start-up process can be made simple and hassle-free. Be it considerations related to cost, quality, risk and compliance, accounting or finance, we create a customised service to help you meet your enterprise start-up needs in.

We act as your liaison desk and work with your organisation as well as third party service providers through the crucial phases of a business start-up. We provide value-added coordination service to what may seem like a cumbersome process in liaising with various external parties, thus enabling you to focus on core operational activities and overcome the difficulty of meeting reporting deadlines. We are also able to provide various start-up functions, such as:
• Accounting and finance functions
We recognize that at certain times, our clients face exceptional pressure within their finance functions, especially at the start-up stage. To ease that difficulty, we can help you by providing accounting services tailor-made to meet individual client requirements.

• Corporate secretarial and legal matters
We provide support on business incorporation procedures such as company registration and the fulfilment of statutory filing requirements which includes annual returns, Annual General Meetings, business incorporation and regulatory filing matters.

• Tax filing for compliance
We help during times of reporting in corporate tax compliance and planning, direct and indirect taxes, and filing requirements.

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